QHSE Policy

Acorn Management and Staff are committed towards the QHSE Excellence through continual improvement and evaluation of the company’s performance in regular implementation monitoring, assessment and review.

  • Meeting customer satisfaction by providing Reliable and Quality oriented services in accordance with customer requirements as well as statutory & Regulatory requirements.
  • Complying with applicable Environmental, Health and Safety Legislation and Other Requirements.
  • Minimising Our impact on the Environment through pollution prevention, reduction of natural resource consumption & emissions , and eliminating all kinds of hazards which may result in accidents.
  • Indoctrinating HSE principles and Values to all our employees and interested parties with the intent that they are made aware of their individual HSE obligations.
  • Communicating our QHSE Policy and other concerns to our contractors and vendors and seek their compliance.
  • Reviewing objectives and see targets to improve our QHSE performance.
  • Providing organisational structure support and directive to achieve the objectives.


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