Mouvex Pumps

Vane Pumps • CC8 Tanktruck Pumps –


  • Safety
  • Integrated by-pass avoiding any over-pressure
  • The unused ended shaft is protected by a casing
  • Compatible with diesel, heating oil, petrol, biodiesel, paraffin, kerosene, oil, heavy fuel, bitumen…
  • Compact, and so fits in narrow spaces
  • Double-ended shaft facilitates the mounting depending on the rotation directions
  • Broad flow range
  • Silent
  • Constant flow rate
  • Drains the pipes


  • Heating jackets
  • Relief valves (spring; air-operated, air-operated + spring)
  • Hydraulic adapter

Vane Pumps • P-Series Pumps –



  • P-series vane pumps cover a large range of applications,
    from fluid to very viscous products, whether non-lubricating, abrasive or corrosive.
  • Integrated by-pass avoiding any over-pressure
  • Constant high performance
  • Excellent volumetric characteristics
  • Thanks to automatic adjustment, the performance characteristics remain constant throughout time
  • Easy and economical maintenance
  • P-series vane pumps can be dismantled in situ without disconnecting the suction and discharge lines.
  • Pump reassembly requires no special positioning
  • Replacement parts are extremely competitive
  • The pump is capable of running in forward or reverse


  • Pump body: Cast iron, steel or stainless steel
  • MOUVEX Blackmer seals, single or double-standard mechanical seals, or packed gland
  • Vanes are equipped with polymer or metal vanes, either free or with push rods
  • By-pass single or double
  • Heating or cooling shells
  • Electric heating