Fuel TankTrailers
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Fuel Tanker Semi-Trailers

Our fuel tanker trailers are well-fabricated to customer specifications, and to local standards and regulations. ACORN offers fuel trailers for ADNOC distribution for transfer of diesel/petrol fuel. They come with modern safety features such as EBS, Scully overfill systems, etc. The trailers are equipped with all standard accessories to ensure optimum performance.

  • Capacity: 27,000 L to 55,000 L
  • Multiple axles with mechanical or pneumatic suspension
  • Single/twin tyre fitment
  • Compartments: single/multiple
  • Suitable for top loading or top and bottom loading
  • Vapour recovery system (optional)
  • Pump (optional)
  • Metering device (optional)
  • Hose reel (optional)
  • Internal epoxy paint system (optional)